Our Services Are the Best Around.The Balduzzi Group is a leading political consulting firm specializing in
television, radio and direct mail advertising. We also provide award winning corporate media services.

Television, Radio and Digital Advertising

Producing innovative, creative and effective political ads, along with a smart and sophisticated media buy is one of the most important components of a modern communications strategy. The Balduzzi Group has decades of experience producing award-winning television, radio and digital advertisements. More importantly, our media buyer is an industry expert who makes sure that your message is being communicated to the right audience.

Direct Mail

Our direct mail pieces are innovative, creative, eye-catching and help move voters. Our years of experience in campaign politics brings a level of messaging to our mail that is second to none, and our sophisticated targeting practices will ensure you are communicating with the right voters. The Balduzzi Group prides itself on working with each client individually to provide a smart and effective mail plan that fits within any campaign budget.

Corporate Media

The Balduzzi Group provides our corporate clients with award winning marketing and public affairs campaign services. Our corporate clients include major law firms, municipalities, Fortune 500 companies and Academy Award-nominated documentary film directors.